Sunday, 21 July 2024

Are you ready for tomorrow?

Once you start a family, income that was once disposable turns into daycare, sports activities and doctor bills.  All of a sudden you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck and praying the furnace doesn’t go on the fritz. The stress of managing the household bills and making it all work can be overwhelming.  The last item on your budgeting to do list may be life insurance, but please know that it should be the first item. 

Imagine that tragedy happens while you are living paycheck to paycheck and in a moment you find yourself in a single income household situation.  How would your family cope?  What would happen to their current standard of living? The loss of your loved one’s income can put your family in an extremely challenging position.  The mortgage and utilities could all of a sudden be in jeopardy and basic necessities could become a struggle to manage.  Take the time to consider finding funds in your budget for life insurance premiums, it could make a world of difference.

If tragedy comes your way, the financial fallout from that tragedy could be directly behind it.  Planning for it by talking to us at Insurance Designers of Louisiana, can prevent that disaster.  The truth is the more you think your family cannot afford life insurance is actually when you need it the most.  Our agents take the time to find a policy that matches your financial picture and your comfort level. The time to act is now, as life insurance premiums are least expensive the younger and healthier you are.  Contact us today so we can identify a policy that fits your budget, your lifestyle and your peace of mind.

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